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RRPS Video Club
Video Clubs Introduce Students to World of Video Production

The next generation of television, video, and film producers are in our schools today, with access to equipment and an opportunity to acquire skills unheard of just a few years ago.  

Students in Video Clubs in Rio Rancho's elementary and middle schools will learn the process of producing videos, from initial idea, storyboarding, script writing, filming, and editing to post production

The Video Clubs are mentored by members of the district's Information Services Team, who work with faculty sponsors at each of the schools.

The district provided GoPro cameras, and equipment including Samsung Galaxy tablets, microphones, tripods and editing software, for each of the schools.

The finished videos will be showcased here on the sidebar and on YouTube, for parents, students and the community to enjoy!

For more information please contact Yolanda Vander Warf,