RRPS Board Policies

RRPS Board Policies
Alphabetical Master Index of Policies (click a number below to go to that group)

  • 100 = Board of Education
  • 200 = Personnel
  • 300 = Students
  • 400 = Instruction & Business
  • 500 = Business & Non Instructional Operations

The RRPS Policy Manual is currently being revised and updated, a process which will continue throughout the 2017-18 school year.  The new policy manual will be organized differently, and draft policies will be posted here as they become available for public review.  To submit a question or comment about any of the new policies, click here. 

  • Series 100 = Basic Commitments and Foundation (Adopted version)
  • Series 200 = Board of Education Governance and Operations (drafts posted for review)
  • Series 300 = Community Relations (drafts posted for review)
  • Series 400 = Curriculum and Instruction (drafts posted for review)
  • Series 500 = Facilities (drafts posted for review) 
  • Series 600 = Fiscal Management (drafts posted for review) 
  • Series 700 = Personnel (draft policies posted for review)
  • Series 800 = Safety and Security (draft policies posted for review)
  • Series 900 = School Administration (draft policies posted for review)
  • Series 1000 = Students (draft policies posted for review)

Note:  The board agenda for June 11, 2018 includes final action on adoption of the entire policy manual (with the exception of policies 620 and 915, which will be first readings).   Subject to the board's approval, the new manual will take effect as of July 1, 2018.  The final versions of the policies, along with an index, will be posted online as they become available during the summer of 2018.