2016 Bond Projects

2016 Bond Projects: Approved by voters August 2016

New elementary school (Joe Harris):  $24,500,000
Replacement Shining Stars Preschool facility: $15,500,000
Technology equipment (all schools): $5,000,000
Technology infrastructure (all schools): $2,000,000
Security enhancements: 
$1,000,000 (all schools: video surveillance, campus access control, radio communications equipment)
School site-based improvements: $9,000,000, including:
  • Additional security improvements (access control): Rio Rancho Elementary and Rio Rancho High School
  • Additional HVAC improvements: Rio Rancho Middle School, Eagle Ridge Middle School, Mountain View Middle School, Colinas del Norte Elementary
  • Gym floor upgrades (installing wood gym floors to replace existing tile gym floors): Mountain View Middle School, Eagle Ridge Middle School
  • Fine Arts storage for musical instruments and other equipment: Lincoln Middle School and Rio Rancho Middle School
  • Playground access improvements: Puesta del Sol Elementary
  • Site pedestrian safety improvements:  Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary School
  • Access improvements for persons with disabilities: Independence High School
  • Student parking expansion: Cleveland High School
  • Rio Rancho High School improvements:
    • Exterior improvements: Business and Entrepreneurship Academy
    • Football/soccer stadium emergency access/parking/landscaping
    • Track stadium restrooms/storage/fencing
    • Site security improvements (fencing)
  • District-wide exterior lighting study (to plan improvements to enhance safety and energy efficiency)
  • Renovations to the south wing at Rio Rancho Middle School to accommodate a new magnet middle school
Real estate: $3,000,000