Rio Rancho Cyber Academy (HS and MS)

io Rancho Cyber Academy

School Profile:
Updated October 2020

: Scorpion
Colors: Copper and Platinum
Grade Levels Served: 6-12
Four-Year Graduation Rate: 91%
Founded: 2005 by Rio Rancho Public Schools; moved into current facility in 2008

Staff Profile:

Julie Arnold
Assistant Principal: Heidi Kenworthy

Teachers: 9
Instructional Support Staff: 4
Non-Instructional Support Staff: 5

RRCA Goals:
  • Maximize continuous improvement for every student
  • Maintain a high-quality, interactive online learning platform
  • Highly qualified teachers engaging students through a meaningful blended learning environment using 21st Century Skills
  • Provide equitable and student-centered learning integrating technology and interactive curriculum
  • Deliver an alternative modality of curriculum presentation to accommodate diverse learning styles
RRCA Student Principles and Values:
  • Effort: Always do my best; Effort = Success = Confidence = Merit
  • Integrity: Keep my Word; Tell the truth
  • Courage: Move forward; Explore my talents
  • Humility: Know when to look beyond myself
  • Passion: Engage whole-heartedly in my work
  • Creativity: Use my imagination; Inspire and be inspired
  • Perseverance: Set short and long term goals recognize and build on my strengths.
  • Compassion: Learn empathy
Where Are We?
Location map: Cyber AcademyAddress: 1330 Jackie Rd. SE
Rio Rancho, NM 87124

Phone: (505) 892-7222
Fax: (505) 896-9356

Geographic Area Served: All of Rio Rancho

Student Profile:

: 151 (October 2020)
Percent Special Education: 8.3%
Percent Free/Reduced Meals: All students federally-funded in 2020-21

Ethnicity/Race: The percentages for each category are rounded up or down to the nearest .1 which may cause the total to slightly exceed or be below 100%. In addition, families of mixed-race heritage may now also designate their child as being of more than one race. This may cause the percentages to add up to a number that is other than 100%.

African-American: 1.9%
American Indian: 0.0%
Asian: 1.9%
Caucasian (non-Hispanic): 60.0%
Hispanic: 34.8%
Pacific Islander: 0.0%
Unclassified/Unknown: 1.3%

RRCA is more than just online classes:

  • Opportunity to work one-on-one with teachers and staff
  • Direct approach for students needing additional support and supervision
  • Interaction with other students
  • Opportunity for multiple modalities
  • Sense of community
  • A mastery program that prepares students to be more successful in college classes, personal responsibility and scheduling.
  • An accepting, quiet setting with a low pupil to teacher ratio to help students through rigorous, yet flexible, online courses.

Program Features:

  • Academic rigor in the core content areas
  • Able to offer diverse course catalog to include Advanced Placement courses
  • Aligned to state and national standards
  • Web-based management tools for tracking and reporting
  • Professional development and implementation support