Independence High School

Independence High School

School Profile:
Updated December 2017

Mascot: Eagle
Colors: Red and Gray
Grade Levels Served: 10-12
2017 School Grade: C
Graduation Rate: 29%*
Founded: Fall 1999 by RRPS; moved to current facility in 2007

Staff Profile:
Principal: Dr. Susan Carley

Employees: 23
Teachers: 14
Instructional Support Staff: 4
Non-Instructional Support Staff: 5

School Goals:
Student Excellence
School Programs:
Flexible schedules to accommodate working students- (students may choose to attend school in the mornings, midday, or late afternoon); on-site day care, pre-natal, and parenting programs geared to the needs of student parents; special programs for teen fathers; independent studies programs.
*As an alternative school, Independence High provides programs for students who might not otherwise be able to earn a diploma and is graded through a formula designed for alternative schools. The graduation rate in part reflects the success of students who might otherwise have not completed high school.
Where Are We?
School Map

Address: 421 Quantum Rd. NE
Rio Rancho, NM 87124

Phone: (505) 338-4658
Fax: (505) 892-9742

Geographic Area Served:
All of Rio Rancho

Student Profile:
Enrollment: 182 (December 2017)
Percent Special Education: 11.7%
Percent Free/Reduced Meals: 60.2%

Ethnicity/Race: The percentages for each category are rounded up or down to the nearest .1 which may cause the total to slightly exceed or be below 100%. In addition, families of mixed-race heritage may now also designate their child as being of more than one race. This may cause the percentages to add up to a number that is other than 100%.

African-American: 3.9%
American Indian: 6.0%
Asian: 1.1%
Caucasian (non-Hispanic): 23.1%
Hispanic: 65.4%
Pacific Islander: 0.5%