Index 300 Series

These policies are no longer in effect and here for reference only. Please refer to our new polices (here).

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 Index  300 Series (click number to open policy)
 300 Compulsory School Attendance
 301 Age of Enrollment
 302 Open Enrollment
 303 Student Inter-zone Transfers
 304 Extracurricular Activities Participation
 305 Student Attendance
 306 Release Time For Religious Instruction
 307 Drug-Free Schools - Students
 308 Physical Education Credit Substitutions
 309 Life Threatening Food Allergy
 310 Employment Certificates
 311 High School Athletic Program Drug and Alcohol Testing Policy
 315 Assignment, Promotion and Retention
 316 Graduation
 317 Transfer of High School Credits
 318 Final Course and Student Grade Change Policy
 320 Reporting to Parents
 321 Title I Parent Involvement
 322 Title IX
 325 Student Records
 326 Confidentiality of Student Records
 327 Disclosure of Student Names
 328 Advisory School Councils
 336 Student and School Rights and Responsibilities
 337 Sexual Harassment--Students
 338 Hazing/Harassment/Intimidation/Bullying/Menacing
 339 Search & Seizure
 342 Activities
 345 Policy Prohibiting Physical Mistreatment of Students
 346 Gang Activity
 347 Weapons in School
 349 Student Dress Code
 351 School Sponsored Student Publications
 354 Student Freedom of Expression
 355 Equal Access for Student Groups
 356 Administration of Medication at School
 357 Immunizations
 358 Health & Wellness Policy  // Open the Appendices A-J below:
A. Family, School and Community Involvement Plan
B. Physical Education Plan
C. Physical Activity Plan
D. Nutrition Plan
E. Health Education Plan
F. Healthy/Safe Environment Plan
G. Health Services Plan
H. Social and Emotional Well Being Plan
I.  Staff Wellness Plan
J. Evaluation Plan
 359 McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act
 360 Transportation
 363 Law Enforcement Agencies
 369 Student Use of Tobacco Products
 370 Student Use of Personal Electronic Devices
 372 Custodial Rights of Parents
 375 Release of Students
 380 Closed Campuses
Special Education
 382  Restraint and Seclusion